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To meet today’s high standards of fit for both horse and rider, Martin Wilkinson Saddlers provides a second to none saddle fitting service for all types of horse and pony. We adhere strictly to Society of Master Saddlers guidelines and protocols, always templating your horse at every visit and keeping those records for several years. You can be assured that the saddles we offer you will be the best for you and your horse both in terms of design and value for money.
On booking your visit from one of our saddle fitters we will take comprehensive details of both you and your horse so that the van is stocked with the most suitable saddles for you to try. It may be when we visit you, that we find your horse is an unusual shape and in that case we will order a customised saddle for you.
We also provide a saddle checking service, mainly for those customers who have bought a saddle from us in the past, and as our saddle fitters are all also fully qualified Master Saddlers you can be assured that they can alter your saddle on site where appropriate. Larger jobs such as a total reflock will be taken in to the workshop where tools and facilities are more appropriate.

We also stock a wide range of accessories such as Numnahs, bridles, stirrup leathers, stirrup irons, and our qualified staff are always on hand to advise so that you make the best choice.

Martin Wilkinson Saddlers are also qualified fitters for Fairfax bridles and girths.


Here at Martin Wilkinson Saddlers we are not tied to any particular saddle manufacturer so we can stock those saddles which we think can offer our customers the best in value for money design and fit. We are agents for a wide range of saddle makes (see below) so should be able to find a saddle to fit even the most difficult of horses.

We also stock a small range of quality second hand saddles.

Fitting Visits

To arrange a fitting visit please phone the shop (01727 821020) or email sales@martinwilkinson.com Jenny our diary manager will take down all your details and requirements and will call you back when a fitting or check can be arranged. To be as economical as possible we try to arrange visits in the same area and in a logical sequence to reduce mileage and emissions. Once the day is arranged Jenny will call you again nearer the time to let you know the time of the saddle fitters’ visit.

Please have your horse ready, clean and dry with a bridle on. You - or te horse's handler - should be correctly dressed to handle the horse and ride if necessary. While we like to assist customers as much as possible please be aware that it will not be possible to fit in extra horses once an appointment has been made – we try our hardest to adhere to the times given to our clients, traffic permitting, however, if our fitters are presented with extra horses, this means that other clients times will be delayed.


January Top Tip

By Rosemary on Monday, the 22nd of January, 2018

   At this time of year we experience a higher number of calls from customers concerned about rub marks at the back edge of the saddle. This of course could be a sign that your saddle needs checking. It could mean that the saddle width/balance needs a small adjustment which is not unusual coming through winter, as many horses are at their slimmest.
   However if this isn't the case and you have recently had your saddle checked or your horse is very happy in his/her saddle, then it is most likely you are seeing the natural movement at the back  of the saddle which it should have. It can become more noticeable due to the coat change they will now be experiencing at this time of year.
   You may also notice additional rubbing around the edges of the numnah, especially if it has a firm binding. This can also be due to coat change.
   We recommend to apply a little show sheen to the small area that has rubbed to help the saddle cloth glide over a little more easily.
   BUT, be very careful not to apply under the saddle and to wash your hands before riding, as slippery saddles or reins are not advisable! 

   If you have any concerns regarding rub marks please call us here at Martin Wilkinson Saddlers, we will be happy to chat with you and offer advice.

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